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Learned Lessons

Let me share with you some thoughts about how to respond to changes in an organization, how to lead, how to leverage the talent of people, how to improve customer satisfaction and staff, how to optimize supply chain processes of value, how to define and deploy successful business strategies... I hope you like these little "pills" of knowledge.

Management Systems Integration ... and People

In some organizations, staff management fails to achieve full integration of people with the business plan. It should be a system that takes into account the knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities of people: knowledge management.

What can you expect from a football team in which ...?

players ...

Knowledge of how to manage

"If you want to build a ship, do not gather your people to ask them to prepare wood and tools and to assign tasks... Simply summon them and poured into their hearts the longing for the infinite sea."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"Competitiveness requires new ways of doing things (products, services, processes, technologies ...) ... new ways to require new knowledge ... ... New knowledge requires new ways of thinking and interacting.
Domingo Rey Peteiro

The Importance of Knowledge

From How to Manage Change

Organizations are pressured by increasingly competitive environments and demanding.
This article examines the main causes that hinder the change processes in organizations and presents a set of cultural orientations, structural and management, in combination, can facilitate and promote continuous improvement of competitiveness.

1. Neutralize Fears

Many organizations are gripped by fear. To successfully manage any change, it is imperative to neutralize the fears that hold back:

Culture of Learning and Competitiveness

Once, attending a class, the professor began his lecture by writing on the blackboard the following words:

  • Committing Errors
  • Copy
  • Ask
  • fun

At that time students, somewhat surprised, we doubt the intention of those statements. Once off, the professor began to explain the meaning and reason for those words.

Wealth Management and Talent

"Professionals do not leave companies, they leave bosses"
Tom Peters
"¿What is happiness but the development of our faculties?"
Anne Louise Germaine Necker, Madame de Stal
"Talent is like the light, not seen, but illuminates"
Domingo Rey

Political situation in some companies is summarized in a very widespread and sometimes obsessive "make money". This policy (real but often unreported) is absolutely legitimate. However, it is totally unwise policy in future-oriented business and development for several reasons:

Quality and Business Excellence

"Competitiveness requires new ways of doing ... ... new ways to make new knowledge and skills required ... ... new knowledge and skills require new ways of thinking and relating"
Domingo Rey

organizations are subject to increasingly rapid changes and profound. In this turbulent environment, govern the rules of natural selection: only more agile adapt and survive. Competitiveness is the ability of an organization to cope with the changes.

The Environmental Management in Organizations: Necessity and Opportunity

It is a fact and known to the lifestyle imposed on society and the population growth in the last century have caused imbalances and perhaps irreversible damage to this planet is our home (climate change and global warming, degradation of air quality, deterioration of the ozone layer, overfishing, water pollution, biodiversity loss, soil erosion and desertification ...).

We have spent in the history of mankind to protect ourselves from nature to a situation where we need to protect the nature of man.

All about Process Management (Part I)

In this article, we review principles and concepts of process management. Subsequently referred to IDEF0 method of graphical representation of processes, outlining the advantages and disadvantages that arise. Finally, we present the syntax and semantics of a process modeling methodology defined by the author.

Traditional Management and Process Management

Direct Shipping ¿Retail Business to the Internet?

¿You sent for direct shipment, or keep it in the store?

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