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Custom Software Development

Desarrollo de Software a MedidaToday, companies need management tools to control, plan and execute their operations efficiently.

There is increasing management applications that can optimize resources, provide better customer service and ultimately improve competitiveness. In Sinapsys keep us informed and trained to help you select and implement the software solution best fit their needs.

Our range of management information systems is radically different, innovative and advantageous for the Client: we offer free software (Open Source) Web based.

Implementation Services Open Source Solutions

Sinapsys Business Solutions, offers the following services in implementing Open Source solutions:

  • Management Assessment: analyze the needs of information systems.
  • Eligibility: Select the software that best suits your needs.
  • Installation: Software Installation. Network configuration. The software can be installed on your own server or a server contract (hosting).
  • Parameterization: Definition of user profiles. Selection of modules. Campos. Consultations. Reports.
  • Integration: Migration of data from other applications. Establishment of shared databases.
  • Solution Development "as": Development of specific functions tailored to the needs of your business.

Quality Policy of Software Development

"We're finding better ways of developing software both for our own experience as helping others. Throughout this work we have learned to appreciate:

Individuals and interactions on processes and tools
Software working on extensive documentation
Collaboration with the client on contractual negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

This is, although we valued the elements of the right, valued more the ones of the left".

Sinapsys supports, implements and promotes the following principles of agile software development (

  1. Our main priority is to satisfy to the client by means of the early and continuous delivery of software with value.
  2. Accepted that the requirements change, even in late stages of the development. The processes Ágiles take advantage of the change to provide competitive advantage to the client.
  3. Delivered functional software frequently, between two weeks and two months, with preference to the period of time shorter possible.
  4. The managers of business and the desarrolladores worked together of daily form during all the project.
  5. The projects develop in torno to individuals motivated. There is that give them the surroundings and the support that need, and trust them the execution of the work.
  6. The method more eficiente and efectivo to communicate information to the team of development and between his members is the expensive conversation to face.
  7. The software working is the main measure of progress.
  8. The processes Ágiles promote the sustainable development. The promoters, desarrolladores and users have to be able to maintain a constant rhythm of indefinite form.
  9. The continuous attention to the technical excellence and to the buen design improves the Agilidad.
  10. The simplicity, or the art of maximizar the quantity of work no realized, is essential.
  11. The best architectures, requirements and designs surface of teams car-organized.
  12. To regular intervals the team reflexiona on how be more efectivo stop to continuation adjust and perfect his behaviour in consequence.

In Vigo, July 16, 2010


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