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The Environmental Management in Organizations: Necessity and Opportunity

It is a fact and known to the lifestyle imposed on society and the population growth in the last century have caused imbalances and perhaps irreversible damage to this planet is our home (climate change and global warming, degradation of air quality, deterioration of the ozone layer, overfishing, water pollution, biodiversity loss, soil erosion and desertification ...).

We have spent in the history of mankind to protect ourselves from nature to a situation where we need to protect the nature of man.

Against this background, the public demands greater respect for the environment. Because of this demand is assumed the need for a "Sustainable Development":

"To meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

Apart from moral or ethical considerations and the pressure of public opinion, respect for the environment is being imposed for legal reasons, economic and trade. The government (community, state, regional and local) have enacted laws requiring that meet technical requirements, administrative fees, fees and penalties.

also been launched voluntary procedures for companies to take steps to protect the environment, such as the Eco Ecolabelling Products (Regulation EEC 880/92), the Community eco-management and audit scheme EMAS (EC Regulation 1836/93) and the number of UNE-EN-ISO 14000:1996 Environmental Management Systems.

Most of these requirements lies with enterprises. Faced with these pressures, some organizations fall into the trap of designing and implementing environmental management system as a set of bureaucratic duties imposed for the sole purpose of filling a file and save back.

integrated quality systems, environment and prevention seeks to structure a single efficient and effective system that covers all approaches.

Sinapsys The methodology applied in its Business Solutions consultancy work is to consider the management system as a set of processes that take into account all applicable requirements (corporate, legal, regulatory, market, the business), whether quality, environmental or occupational risk prevention.

Thus, the management system is designed as a tool to enhance the competitiveness of organizations making the "threats" into "opportunities" (cost reduction, rationalization of resources, improving the impact on society, control risk, customer satisfaction, consumers, staff, etc. ...).

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