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Soluciones innovadoras para la gestión de su empresa
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Le ayudamos a mejorar la imagen de su organización
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Consultoría en gestión e innovación

Management Consulting and Organization

"Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and a positive impact on society are achieved through leadership in policy and strategy, a successful personnel management, efficient use of resources and an adequate definition of the processes, leading ultimately to excellence in business performance"
Statement of the EFQM Business Excellence Model

If you share this philosophy and wants improve the management of your organization , we can help you.

After a diagnosis that allows us to identify the causes of the problems, we can prescribe and implement the right solution for improving the management of your organization.

Consulting Services:

  • Strategic Planning:
    • Strategic Diagnostics: SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking
    • Strategic Deployment: Balanced Scorecard(CMI)
    • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Process Improvement:
    • Process Management
    • Analysis and Optimization
    • Diagnosis and Management Audit
    • Productivity Improvement
    • 5S - Housekeeping
    • Lean Production
    • Six Sigma
    • Analytical and Problem Solving
    • FMEA - Modal Analysis Failure Mode and Effects
    • SPC - Statistical Process Control
    • Indicators and Data Management
  • People Management:
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Education Climate Assessment
    • Incentive Systems
    • Leadership
    • Coaching
    • Internal Communications
    • Developing High Performance Teams
    • Knowledge Management
    • Training "in company"
  • Quality and Excellence in Management:
    • ISO 9001 - Quality Management
    • ISO / TS 16949 - Quality Management in Automotive
    • ISO 22000 - Quality Management in Food Companies
    • ISO 17025 - Quality Management in Laboratories
    • PECAL - Quality Assurance in the Defense Sector
    • EN 9100 - Quality Management in the Aerospace Sector
    • HACCPC - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control
    • EFQM - Excellence in Management
  • Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility:
    • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
    • EMAS - Eco-Management and Regulation Ecoauditoria
    • SA 8000 - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Occupational Hazard Prevention:
    • Prevention Act Occupational Hazards: Internal Audits, Diagnostics, Awareness, Training
    • OHSAS 18001 - Prevention Management
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  • Grant Search and Examination:
    • Subsidies for Diagnostics Business
    • Implementation Grants for Management Systems
    • Subsidies for the Implementation of Information Technology and Communications