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Quality and Business Excellence

"Competitiveness requires new ways of doing ... ... new ways to make new knowledge and skills required ... ... new knowledge and skills require new ways of thinking and relating"
Domingo Rey

organizations are subject to increasingly rapid changes and profound. In this turbulent environment, govern the rules of natural selection: only more agile adapt and survive. Competitiveness is the ability of an organization to cope with the changes.

are many factors that influence the success or failure of organizations (domestic and external economic, financial, technological, political, sociological, psychological, ...). These factors are intertwined in complex cause-effect relationships can be difficult to identify and monitor.

As advocated by the European Excellence Model:

"Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and a positive impact on society are achieved through leadership in policy and strategy, a successful personnel management, efficient use of resources and an adequate definition of the processes, leading ultimately to excellence in business performance".

Total Quality is based on basic assumptions that an organization should consider to improve its competitiveness:



excellent organization simultaneously manages to satisfy all parties involved (clients, shareholders, suppliers and society in general). Improvements should not be purely circumstantial or circumstantial but the result of strategic thinking and coherent and planned deployment of this strategy.

Customer Orientation:

An organization should focus on their customers. Sometimes business objectives take precedence over customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction is not the main objective of an organization, their survival is compromised and its failure will be only a matter of time.


The success of an organization depends on the coordination and commitment of people. Quality is an attitude whose beginning and end is in people. The quality can not improve if people who are part of the organization are not convinced and inspired by example. The leadership of the Directorate is a necessary (but not sufficient) to generate commitment from individuals.

Management by Processes and Facts:

analysis and definition of the processes of an organization to understand its operation and optimize its results. Proper process management can improve performance by minimizing the resource consumption. Processes determine the performance of the organization. An organization is as efficient (or inefficient) as are their processes. The improvement requires a systematic approach to identifying the causes of the problems and put measures on the causes of these problems to avoid them in the bud. Decision making must be based on objective facts and not opinion.

Development and Involvement of People:

management information must be communicated to all staff so that it is involved in the results. Otherwise the staff will be disconcerted as they would be players of a basketball game in which no marker, no time of possession, or faults, or makes the pitch, ... Do not fall into the unfortunate mistake to believe that "information is power." The information is useful to the organization only when it flows and is shared. An excellent organization that offers people the chance to integrate professional and personal development. If personal satisfaction is not evaluated or considered a key element of management, it will be difficult to improve quality. You must pass the "anything goes" to establish clear rules and transparent and rigorous evaluation of the value each person brings to the organization.

Learning, Innovation and Continuous Improvement:

An organization must continuously improve its strengths and eliminating weaknesses. Competitiveness requires new ways of doing (new processes, products, services, technologies ...). New ways to require new knowledge and skills, new knowledge and skills require new ways of thinking and relating.

Partnership Development:

No organization exists in isolation from its surroundings. The relationships with suppliers and customers can be a source of problems or opportunities. An intelligent management to convert threats into opportunities by identifying common interests and establishing strategies and processes simultaneously benefiting both parties.

Social Responsibility:

The company, as an open system, can not act against society. Organizations must recognize their social responsibility and establish efficiency criteria for assessing and managing impacts on the environment in economic and social terms. This ethical dimension ensures that companies support and recognition from society in general, which becomes a competitive factor.


Business Solutions mission is "To provide our customers with the best methodologies and technologies to improve their business." We offer our customers solutions to help in the way of excellence. To this end, we carefully select each service and rigorously apply the knowledge and methodologies appropriate to each issue. We are convinced that the challenge of excellence is the way forward, so our maxim is "Leading by Example".

© Domingo Rey Peteiro
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