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Las herramientas de gestión accesibles hasta ahora sólo a las grandes corporaciones a su alcance
Consultoría en gestión e innovación
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Who We Are

Quiénes SomosWe are consultants of organization and technologies of the information and the communications.

Our staff is formed as a consultants of organization and systems of management by wide professional experience, as well as analysts and programmers of software specialized in the development of applications of business management based on web and creation of web pages.


"To facilitate to our clients the competitions, methodologies and suitable technologies to improve his(her,your) business "


"We want to be recognized in the area of the management consultancy and software of business management as a professional, exemplary company in the quality and innovation of his(her,your) products, the treatment(deal) to the clients and the development of the persons".


Are sure that the challenge of the Excellence is the way to continuing, for it our maxim is "To preach with the Example"

  • Commitment with our Clients
  • Asertividad
  • Proactividad
  • Transparency
  • Empathy

Strategic alliances

Velneo Velneo accredited Partner
Openbravo Openbravo's™ Partner Certificado. ERP of world reference, based on Web with license Open Source
Chamber of Trade of Vigo Company integrated to in the Chamber of Trade, Industry and Navigation of Vigo, as company associated with his Fish-pond

Quality Management

Sinapsys Business Solutions, S.L management system, complies with the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements.